Route Optimization

Integrated Mapping

Mapping technology is critical to our solution.   We use multiple mapping sources to increase reliability.   As well, after you’ve used Delivery Hop for a few weeks, you’ll see true traffic time and delivery times that you can use in your future route plans.

Multiple Routes and Trucks

See all of your trucks routes for a day on one screen, eliminate overlap and be 100% certain you’ve planned the best route.

Trucks can be tracked through the day with GPS and to make sure routes are completed in the correct order.

Easy Data Import

If you have an Excel sheet or CSV file of your calls and customers you can import it in seconds into Delivery Hop. 

Save Time!

Our route optimization techniques will give your drivers back hours of their day.  And with reduced paperwork your office admin staff will have time to service your customers rather than chasing forms or balancing calls.

How much is your staff time worth?  

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Signup for our risk free trial to start to optimize your delivery company today.   You’ll make better business decisions and have the visibility into where your drivers are.

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