Our Packages

The Planner Package
$75 per truck monthly

The planner package is perfect for small to mid sized companies who only need to plan routes.  

  • Unlimited stops per route planned
  • Unlimited customers
  • Route optimization (optimize by either drive time, or kilometers driven).
  • Time windows for delivery (e.g. Don’t delivery before 10am)
  • Plan routes in advance and on the fly
  • Customer schedules (e.g. Stop here every other Thursday). 
  • Ontario laws warnings (e.g. maximum drive time of 13 hours per day)
The Complete Package
$125 per truck monthly

The complete package is perfect for mid sized delivery companies who need to plan routes, track driver progress during the day, and invoice customers.

  • Everything in the Planner Package
  • Native Android Application for Drivers
  • Barcode scanning (with compatible handhelds)
  • Live status of trucks
  • GPS Tracking and history of Trucks
  • Customer
  • Invoicing
  • Inventory Management
Enterprise Customizations
Starting at $5k monthly

If you are a large enterprise with 50 or more trucks, or have a more complex requirement.   What kind of options does our Enterprise package allow for?  

  • All of the routing, planning and management fuctions as the Complete Package
  • Ability to interface with an existing ERP system
  • Custom data collection hardware with the trucks and handhelds for accurate weights, measurements, etc. 

All of our packages include:

Worry Free Hosted Service

There’s no need for an IT team – our solution is completely hosted in a world class Canadian data center.   You will literally be setup in minutes with our easy to use system

Daily Snapshots & Backups

All your data is protected from failure with our high availability infrastructure.  We make nightly backups to be 100% sure of zero data loss. 

Data Mobility and Flexibility

We don’t want to hold you hostage with your data.  Any account (in good standing) can request a data export that you can use.  If you want to have live integrations with an existing Business Intelligence tool, please contact our enterprise team. 


Your passwords, data, customer lists and more are locked down and secure.   Enterprise accounts can request fully encrypted databases.   All data is transferred with SSL security making sure your data stays private. 

Route Optimizations

Know that you’ve sent your drivers on the right path with our route optimization solution.   Split calls up between drivers and forecast the best day to deliver to your customers when taking orders.

Web Based - Always Online

Our web based system means that you can access the data you need anytime, anywhere.     Our system is mobile friendly as well, so you can check routes status from your phone in while on the golf course.


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