DeliveryHop Lets You Manage Your Distribution Trucking Company More Effectively

Our primary goal with Delivery Hop is to allows you as a manager of a distribution company to have more visibility into how effective your company is truly operating.  As soon as you have more than a handful of trucks to manage knowing how to plan routes and track progress during the day becomes frustrating and time consuming process.  

We are not just a route optimization tool – but typically that is the most risk free way of trying out our tool within your existing workflow.     Have you planned your first route yet?  No? Then Start Planning Now for Free!

Why does Route Optimization Matter?

We are pleased to launch our route optimization tool that allows you to experience the power and simplicity of Delivery Hop within minutes.   We want to stop you from fighting with Google Maps or MapQuest to create multiple routes for your trucks.  Maybe you’re just using your gut to and hoping

that drivers are able to figure out how to optimize their routes on their own.  Our route optimizations will not only save your driver time but also diesel costs and maintenance will be reduced as well.

We want to Help You Provide Better Customer Service:

Once you start to use a tool like this in your business you’re going to be able to open yourself to new possibilities such as streamlined customer ordering, custom integrations with your website for online ordering, or customer SMS text delivery notifications, and reminders for unpaid invoices.   All of these tasks you could do in your business as is but they would likely be manual and cumbersome.  With a Delivery Hop as your back office information system your company will have features like these at a fraction of the cost of manual staff time.  

We want to Help You Manage Your Driver’s Days Better:

Not only do we give you all the tools to plan your route perfectly, but with our Driver Native App you’ll know when deliveries are made, how far ahead or behind schedule a driver might be, as well as critical information like GPS location and actual time spent on calls.  Drivers can use their Android Phones to track data, or we can help you source a rugged barcode scanning device.  

We want to Eliminate Paperwork within your Delivery Company:

Are your drivers still bringing back stacks of paper work at the end of the day that your staff need to sort through and balance fixing silly math mistakes? How many Banker boxes of paper did you create last month? With Delivery Hop’s mobile invoicing functionality you can say goodbye to Frustrating paperwork , unbalanced driver’s paperwork and the headaches with these manual processes.   If an order is short shift you’ll know immediately if COD customer wasn’t able to pay you’ll be notified within seconds and your drivers won’t have to sort through clipboards of paperwork.

Why Do We Like to Support Local Business?

Our startup is based out of Southwestern Ontario in the small but kick ass town of Tillsonburg.  We are a part of Opid Technologies Startup Incubator Program.   With our parent company we’ve worked with many small to mid-sized companies across Ontario helping them create Information Systems that transforms how they do business saving them millions of dollars.    

We know the importance of small privately owned companies in communities  like yours.  Therefore we want to give you the tools to succeed with your distribution company and compete against larger companies that are using over priced and overly complex logistics and ERP Systems.  Unlike our competitors we are open and honest about our affordable pricing.   We also provide technical support directly from the source – the developers who made the software.  That’s right, you’re not going to fight through 3 levels of tech support to be told that we’re working on the issue.   You’ll speak to someone who can actionably speak to your exact problems reducing turnaround time for support tickets.  

Sign up for a free trial today, or instantly start to plan your route right now.


The Delivery Hop Team



We’d love to chat with you if you have any questions – shoot me an email (Ian Barton and I’d be happy to help you out.